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Carpet Cleaning

The Area Under Your Seat & Feet

Did you know that carpets can soak up and retain 4 TIMES its weight in dirt?!  If that’s not enough to make you want break out a vacuum, we’re not sure what is.  Carpets can provide a beautiful, warm, and luxurious element to any business or household space.  In the commercial setting, and they are used often in main entry areas and hallways, conference rooms, and private offices that are active on a daily basis.  Since their purpose is to act as an flooring accent and are subject to the daily abuse of being rolled, stepped, and dragged on, you can imagine just how quickly they can start to show discoloration and project unwanted odors.

When you partner with us, you receive an experienced team who is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to treat all of your commercial carpet needs.  Spill some coffee? We got you covered.  Foot traffic creating dirt lines? We got you covered. Dropped your lunch? That’s a bummer, but we got you covered!

Here is how we professionally can treat your carpets:

High Powered Vacuum Technology: We use a high powered vacuum to suck up any of the loose lying debris that is usually on the surface or mid-level into the carpeting.

Steam Cleaning: We also utilize our steam powered vacuum to really dig deep to clean and extract any unwanted dirt and grime.

*Steam powered vacuums are SAFE and effective as they utilize hot water and do not utilize dangerous solutions or harmful chemicals.  Steam Cleaning is very popular in offices and businesses that cater to people with allergies, children and pets.

Spot Treatment: We usually can remove a given spot with steam treatment but sometimes chemicals are required. We assess the situation and guide you in the right direction.

When you host employees and clients in your office, it is important to think about the level of cleanliness your business achieving.  A first impression can make all the difference in the business world so let us make sure yours is spotless!

Contact Us today to make sure your carpets stay beautiful and clean.