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Welcome to the SterileMed Difference

Do you know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing? Not many people do. Let’s break it down and explain how we go above and beyond to provide you with the best result possible.

Cleaning : A very board term that usually incorporates a lot of different techniques, solutions and supplies. What does it mean to be clean? Does a little soap and water cut it? Well, that depends on what you are trying to achieve. Traditional methods of cleaning include dusting, vacuuming and then applying wet, soapy then and dry rags to a surface. That might look and smell nice but if you are trying to destroy germs and bacteria, that technique has been proven to be not as effective as once thought. In fact, most cleaning personnel actually assist in the spread of germs, bacteria and filth from surface to surface, instead of killing and removing them.

Disinfecting : This process uses a chemical component in order to destroy bacteria, germs or any kind of contamination on a given surface. It possesses killing agents and can be applied in a number of ways. One way that we specialize in applying disinfectant, is called electrostatic spraying.

Sterilizing : In order to be considered sterile, a tested surface should not have any live allergens, bacteria or any type of contamination on it. Our technicians prove our systematic method of cleaning and disinfecting works by conducting ATP testing. Only certain facilities have the need to maintain sterile rooms on a daily basis but a specific disinfectant process can be applied to any area desired.

How We’re Different : SterileMed’s trained and certified cleaning team offers a full janitorial solution for your facility but also offers specialized medical-grade services. Some of our clients are purely medical such as hospitals and private practices. We urge them to not only clean, but disinfect and sterilize their facilities. Others require traditional janitorial but apply disinfectant services such as electrostatic spray on a monthly basis. Whatever the desired result, we get you there.

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