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Combat Coronavirus COVID-19 at Work

It’s no secret that the global spread of the novel human coronavirus, (COVID-19), is a legitimate concern to the health and well-being of all who come in contact with it.  We must be wise in our daily interactions with one another in order to prevent the spread at all costs.

In order to reduce the risk of an outbreak in your business, employers MUST take preventative action. It’s time to keep the cleanliness and disinfection process of your facility, top-of-mind.

As businesses start to re-open, employers should implement strict cleaning and disinfection protocols for their facilities, in addition to enforcing rules and regulations provided by the Department of Health and Centers of Disease Control.

At SterileMed, we recommend the following:

  1. Conduct a meeting with your staff about proper hygiene, social etiquette, and necessary distancing requirements in your office.  Do not assume people wash their hands after every bathroom break. Do not assume that colleagues would not share their drinks, utensils or even PENS with one another. These are all easy and common ways to transmit a disease or illness from person-to-person. Call on your HR department to put together some common hygiene recommendations and policies that when implemented correctly, can go a long way in reducing the spread of germs in the workplace.
  2. Ask your cleaning company about their disinfection package. If they do not have one or can not provide you with an answer, consider hiring a complementary service or another company that offers both.  Why? Because your janitorial provider may be contributing to cross-contamination within your office and may not even be are not aware of it!
  3. Implement a daily disinfection process.  These services are not usually performed in-house, as your business may not have the proper tools, solutions or technical skills to fight off highly contagious diseases such as influenza or coronavirus.  Also, this is not something you should do “when there is an issue.” The key to prevention is taking action on a consistent basis. Otherwise, it is too late. Considering hiring a professional to get the job done correctly.

If you would like to learn more about the disinfection process that SterileMed offers, please contact us below.   Our goal is to keep you safe and healthy, and your facility as clean as possible!

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