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Flooring Care & Restoration

The Right Steps to a Beautiful Floor

Your floor is an essential part of maintaining a clean aesthetic in your facility. It is a focal point and distinguishes whether or not someone will feel clean visiting your space.  Since it is constantly abused as its purpose is to handle foot traffic of the business day, unwanted dirt, grime, scuffs and discoloration are inevitable.  However, there are a number of treatments and applications you can consistently apply to keep your floors looking their best.

Our team are experts in providing commercial floor cleaning services as we have over 55 years in the industry. Our services include floor stripping, waxing, and hardwood floor cleaning. We are also experts in floor sealing of all vinyl, ceramic, quartz and marble surfaces.

Our team utilizes the latest, most advanced floor cleaning tools to ensure the best result possible.  From single disk machines to propane buffers and scrubbers, we have the tools and expertise to provide professional floor cleaning service for any surface you may require to be cleaned.

Our commercial floor cleaning services include:

  • Floor Stripping: Remove the floor finish when there is heavy build-up of dirt, grime or discoloration.
  • Floor Waxing: This give your floor a glossy, protective finish.
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning: Keep them looking as the day they were installed!
  • Floor Sealing (Vinyl, Ceramic & Marble): We seal microscopic cracks and ridges on the surface to create a smooth, glossy finish that makes floors easier to clean. It also prevents bacteria growth.
  • Floor polishing and buffing: Restore the floor’s existing finish by filling in tiny scratches and scuffs.
  • Scrubbing– Keeping your floors clean by removing excess dirt and grime.
  • And More!

If you are looking to take the step in the right direction and treat your floors, Contact Us today!