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We Start Where Other Companies Leave Off

When it comes to selecting a cleaning vendor for your facility, a common mistake is to select the cheapest vendor, and not take into consideration their level of experience. When this occurs, the result can leave your facility feeling anything but clean and sterilized. That is a risk no institution should take, not just for you, but for the sake of your employees, patients and certainly for your reputation.

People who are serious about the cleanliness of their facility turn to SterileMed.

Our Medical Division: SterileMed is the healthcare professional’s choice for hospital-grade cleaning, terminal disinfecting, and sterilization services. Our customized health-based cleaning programs feature innovative technology, and effective solutions to ensure a germ-free healthy environment. Our skilled technicians are highly trained in the most current methods of sanitizing. We also are compliant with and follow strict AORN protocol along with CDC regulations. Hospital contracted illnesses are far too common and must be prevented at all cost. When you have a medical facility where patients are exposed to a variety of illness, germs and harmful pathogens, don’t you prefer an organization that is trained in the defense of eradicating those germs? Patients cannot fully recover in a facility that is spreading germs. This will only lead to the complication of existing conditions or even create new ones.

Our Janitorial Division: If you are looking for traditional services for your cleaning needs, then look no further. Traditional janitorial and housekeeping programs can be tailored for less complex facilities. General cleaning services are often provided in most non-medical facilities, and are offered in an a la carte style, providing you with a variety of programs to choose from. We offer daily, weekly, and even monthly programs to cater to your individualized needs.

Let’s Get Started! The first step is to contact us. We will listen to your needs and offer suggestions that can complement your degree of utilization. The key is to offer sensible building solutions based upon traffic flow patterns and your facilities unique intricacies. Then we initiate the program, mix in the right management team and you will have a service you can finally count on.