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Children’s Centers

Eradicating “Cooties” since 1975

If you run a daycare facility, it is your responsibility to look after the children’s safety and well-being. Parents trust you to maintain a pristine center, and are not expecting to have their children play in a hotbed of germs and bacteria.

If you do not take your cleaning protocol seriously, you may be putting the children you are looking after in harm’s way.

Children are hands-on. They are non-stop involved and always curious. This type of behavior is ideal for the spread of germs at a rapid pace. We strongly believe that you should be not only cleaning your facility daily, but disinfecting it as well. We offer electrostatic disinfectant spraying services to daycare centers in order to eliminate live, harmful bacteria and germs that thrive in the smallest areas of children’s toys, rugs and desks. This process can be applied weekly, monthly or seasonally.

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