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Lesson of the Day: How to Get the Germs Away!

Each day, thousands of children visit schools in order to obtain an education to better their lives. If you are in charge of operating a school, you are not only responsible for providing children with the curriculum, but also a safe center to learn and grow along with the responsibility of the well-being of your staff. However, you cannot do that if you are subjecting them to dangerous illnesses and pathogens on a daily basis. Since school safety is priority number 1, a school’s cleaning program is not one that should be taken lightly. At SterileMed, we offer a variety of specialized cleaning programs and solutions to ensure that your institution is running as healthy as possible.

Type of Schools We Work With : We provide service to numerous size schools which include but are not limited to: Charter Schools, Private Schools, Elementary Schools, Middle and High Schools, Universities and Trade Schools. We are a trusted partner who listens and strategies with various departments in order to provide the best cleaning solution for your campus.

Disinfecting & Sterilizing : When you partner with us, you receive medical-grade cleaning built into a customized, affordable cleaning package. We strongly believe that many high-traffic institutions should be implementing our specialized cleaning services such as electrostatic disinfectant spray on a weekly basis to eliminate the risk of spreading illnesses such as influenza, coxsackievirus, hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), measles all commonly spread in the educational system setting.

Incorporating our medical-grade cleaning as a complement to your custodial/janitorial services might just be the most responsible thing you can do for your children and staff.

Janitorial Services: We are often referred to as the best one-stop-shop for all of your school’s custodial needs. Our staff have decades of experience in providing janitorial services including floor-care, carpet cleaning, post-construction cleaning, window cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and more! We have the tools and experience to keep your floors clean and shiny, classrooms immaculate and bathrooms sparkling.

Let’s Add Up to see the SterileMed Difference. We offer the following:

The next step is to contact a cleaning representative today so we can start building the right package for you.