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Elderly Care Centers

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During the later years in life, you may consider an elderly care center for yourself or a loved one.  These facilities are beautiful, accommodating and provide a certain assisted lifestyle.  With everything from housing to dining all under one roof, for hundreds, if not thousands, of residents, the work behind-the-scenes is not to be taken lightly.  There are lots of moving parts to make this operation run smoothly, and we believe that one of the most important is the cleaning.  It is imperative that your care facility becomes and remains clean and sterilized for the health of your employees and residents.

The great news is that SterileMed specializes in medical-grade cleaning, which pairs perfectly with your care centers.  We not only thoroughly clean, but we also disinfect and sanitize.  We partner with innovative companies who provide us with proven and patented technology that our staff utilizes to maintain the highest level of cleanliness in your facility.

What you receive:

We clean because we truly care.  Contact us to build your cleaning package today