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We’ll Spot Your Cleans

Each day, thousands of people visit health clubs to maintain healthy, active lifestyles.  While there, they participate in rigorous training regimens which often have them sweating their way through the workout.  The proper cleaning of every area in your fitness facility is essential to the health, experience, and happiness, of your staff and members.

If you run a center of health and fitness, it’s imperative that you focus on keeping your facility HEALTHY.

This means constantly making sure your benches, bars, machines, seats and ESPECIALLY your locker rooms and bathrooms, are not only clean but also sterilized.  An in-house staff can keep a tidy appearance, but they do not possess the technology or technical training of medical-grade cleaning. Trust us, you do not want to be “that gym” known for having a dirty presence leading to membership decline.  We can help you keep your health club spotless and if needed, sterilized, on a weekly basis.  Our trained and certified cleaning team understands what it takes to get the job done.  We’ll let you run your gym. Count on us to spot your cleans.

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