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Window & Glass Cleaning

“I Can See Clearly Noww, the Dirt is Gonee!” – Our Clients

The hottest design trends are calling for more and more interior and exterior glass. While the look may be modern and sleek, maintaining these areas may leave you weak! For the average person, it is an extremely time-consuming project and if you are all about efficiency, maintaining your glass cleaning in-house is not the way to go. We also highly recommend that you do not attempt any multi-floor exterior window cleaning yourself!

Our experienced cleaning team uses the safest, most up-to-date equipment and efficient techniques to ensure a streak-free, beautiful result every time. We can handle large building windows that require a full rigging system, right down to the ground floor lobby. We also focus on areas that often get overlooked such as the window sill, frame and blinds and curtains.

Whether you are a contractor, retail shop, commercial office, or in property management, you can count on us to complement your business’ reputation by maintaining a beautiful appearance on a daily basis.

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